Friday, April 15, 2011

brokedown buildings, bricks, and beauties.

So our evening class was canceled and it was the first somewhat-warm day we had had in a long while. "Lets go get iced chai and sit on a patio," I said. So my roommate, Jessica, and I hopped in my car and made our way to the nearby coffee shop. In the car she said, "I saw this really cool old building by the elementary school I was at today. It looks like it's being torn down, but it would be a cool place to take pictures." [And yes, of course I had my camera with me :)]
"That's it," I said, "we are going!" Just as we pulled into the coffee shop to get some tasty beverages to-go, we saw our sweet friend, Valerie. Valerie is one of the most enjoyable people a person will ever encounter and she makes everything fun, so we begged her to come with us on our little adventure.
We ordered our drinks and booked it to the site so we could steal the last hour or so of daylight.
looking in_b&w
This shot of Valerie was an accidental shot - we had moved from shade to a sunnier open area and I forgot to change my settings, so the shot was way over-exposed and highlights totally blown out. I thought it added kind of an artistic touch though, so I decided to keep it.
Love these girls.
Thankful for the wonderful people in my life.

hope your day is beautiful,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sisterly love.

There's no place like home for the holidays.
Although, I was surprised there wasn't any snow while I was there.
It was Christmas break 2010. I had just gotten my camera and did what any big sister and new camera owner would do - drag her sisters along for a little photo shoot.
It was mighty chilly, but they were brave girls. We made sure to take defrost breaks by jumping in the car to blast the heater every so often before going back out for more photos.

We did the shoot in the little country town of Montague, CA.
I have memories of riding horses in this area with friends, going on train rides around the country, and having afternoon tea and pastries at Miss Lynn's Tea house.
It is a darling little old town right in the center of ranchville :)

Here we begin with Hannah...
Ok, is my sister not gorgeous?!...GORGEOUS!! :)
Wife of a lumberjack maybe...gentlemen, she's single! ;)
Makyla Rose...another beauty :)
I will be seeing my "sidders" again in August.
While it is somewhat far off, be expecting photos from another shoot with them to come :)

hope your day is beautiful,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

and it was all yellow.

So I swear pictures of actual humans are coming...
but for now, these are some recent non-human images I shot :)
It was a quiet afternoon and I had to leave for work in a couple of hours. Most of my friends were busy, but I was in an inspired mood....So, out of desperation, I grabbed my camera and took some snaps around the house. If you couldn't tell, mustard yellow is my favorite color :)
books and globe
These antique books are (from top to bottom) an old hymnal, prayer book, and German prayer book...the hymnal is from the 1800s.
antique hymnal, bible, and prayer book
yellow blanket
dresser drawers
antique chest
There's a story with this lamp. My mom was visiting from California and we went thrifting together when I came across this lamp. I remember just as we were leaving the store and placing our bags into the car I said, "Mom, this lamp is perfect! It's like it was made just for me!" No sooner had the words come out of my mouth that the lamp suddenly slipped out of my hands and fell on the floor of the car, the glass shattering into pieces. My mom....who is probably the sweetest, kindest woman in the world, immediately calmed me and said, "Don't worry sweetie, we'll buy some super glue and put it back together. It will be fine." And that's just what she did. She sat at my kitchen table with a tube of super glue and put it back piece by piece for me. I tell you, she is a treasure! :) Now, the broken, super-glued part of the lamp faces the wall and nobody ever knows.
yellow lamp & mason jar with flowers
more yellow...
yellow chair and candle
Anthropologie. I lovvvvvvve that store. love. love. But do not mistake me for someone who can actually afford to shop's simply not true.
yellow chair & anthropologie
My roommate is an artist...she's real should twist her arm to paint a window for you, they are lovely.
antique bowl with floral print
Although, I really enjoy being barefoot.
That's all for now.
Hope your day is beautiful :)

the first post.

I finally did it...I done got me a blog :)
I figured I needed a place to post my photos other than Facebook, so here I am. (Don't I sound legit??? oh my...)

If I had to be completely honest,
part of me is a little insecure about posting my photography online.
Like, who I am I to start my own photoblog anyway??

But then I suppose, what is there to be insecure about if nobody else but me even looks at it anyways?! haha ;)
I mean, this what I love to do - whether I'm good or bad at it - at the end of the day, I just love to take photographs. I love that a collection of pixels can make you feel a certain way, I think it's just magical.

Well friends, I am excited for this journey...feel free to come along :)


Welcome to my blog!!

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