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Here I will share a little bit more specifically what to expect at certain types of photo sessions. For a more general sense of my photographic style, you can hop on over to this page here.

My family sessions are very different from traditional family sessions with stiff posing and forced smiles. Who does that in real life anyways?? :) My goal in doing your family photography is to provide you with images that cause you to fall more in love with your daughter’s dimples and your son’s silly way of interacting with his Dad, to see the glee in your little one’s eyes as he mischievously tags his sister and declares, “You’re it!!” Real moments, genuine moments. Because of this, I approach these types of shoots in a photojournalistic sense and prefer to set up the session where your family will be doing an activity you enjoy together in a setting where lots of natural interaction will occur. While there can be a few “posed” or “traditional” shots, my goal is to provide you with a “family documentary,” capturing a piece of your lives together at this moment in time. I use this approach in my children’s portrait sessions, as well.

I don’t know how many people I know who look back on their senior portraits and can only remember how awkward the experience was or feel like their pictures look just like everyone else’s. In my senior sessions, my goal is to give you images that are unique and totally you! Images that are modern, artistic, and make you feel just beautiful...or *insert manly word here* for you senior guys ;) Don’t like to laugh? Then I would encourage you to approach these with caution, because we have a lots fun on my senior shoots ;)
In these sessions, you are also allowed as many outfit and location changes as we can fit in the 2-hour session time.

I am passionate about the covenant of marriage and am so honored when couples approach me document their love at this special season of life for them. During my sessions, I want to capture your relationship in a genuine and real sense. I want you to be able to look back on your images and remember the emotions you were feeling at the time. In some parts of the shoot, the emotion may be joy and some parts of the shoot that may be a deep reflection of your love and commitment to one another. My goal in my engagement sessions is to cause you to fall more in love with one another and to give you images that capture a true, honest sense of who you are as a couple.
            In these sessions, you are also allowed as many outfit and location changes as we can fit in the 2-hour session time.

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